Stefania Cinti

Hi- the name’s Stefania.

I really like cats, music, and tv. I’m a simple person and truly live for the little things in life.

I started out taking pictures at concerts with a terrible point-and- shoot, and if it weren’t for being in the front, I’d have awful photos. I spent a lot of time fooling around with camera settings instead of enjoying the bands I lived for. Since I loved my Graphic Design/Photography course in high school, it was natural to decide to attend Humber College for Creative Photography. After an amazing two years (with 32 photo courses) I graduated and settled into a retail job in the industry.

I still had a hunger and passion for layout- putting photos, text, and graphic elements together. In my early teens I fell in love with Microsoft Picture It! and it not only let me edit photos, but also let me overlay text. I made covers for all my burned CD-Rs and made collages for my room and my school locker. I was definitely on to something, and though I did some designing in my first college program, I wanted to learn more.

Next, I studied and graduated from Humber's Graphic Design for Print & Web program. It was another amazing experience learning additional programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. Since completion, I've been doing freelance and contract work but I also love to work and grow with a team. ...and on the side I'm an Adoption Screener for Toronto Cat Rescue and knit hats. :)

Passion, drive, and dedication are things I’ll always possess. I hope to keep learning, growing and watching Disney/Pixar movies (can they do anything wrong?!)